Swipe4thePlanet™ is a customize-able fundraising program that allows nonprofit organizations and fundraisers to raise money through relationships with businesses and their customers' support.  Upon induction of a new "Business Ambassador", New Way Funding will donate on behalf of said business, a percentage of every non-cash sale to your Cause.  There is no additional cost to the business or the customer.  This platform integrates with every type of swipe, dip, manual entry transaction across any terminal, online gateway, or type of business transaction.   

Turn Key


The Swipe4thePlanet™ platform can be used for any nonprofit organization that wishes to raise funds for an environmental cause.  This Program is completely customize-able.  We can work with business who process any type of swipe, dip, or manual-entry electronic transaction.  Take advantage of this program to raise funds and awareness for the Planet  Monthly, quarterly, and annual disbursement schedules are available. 

Build Residual Support


Businesses you already know or have been a donor or sponsor will love this program.  When a business you refer, adopts this program, a portion of every non-cash transaction they initiate will be redirected to your cause automatically.  There is no additional cost to the business or consumer.  We donate on behalf of the business directly to your organization.  




This is the initial goal for a small local nonprofit.  When 10 businesses who support your cause adopt Swipe4aCause™, the organization will receive $1,000 ($100 each) upon adoption.  On top of that, every month you will receive a portion of every credit transaction the business has which could be $1,000/month ($100 each).


For larger or National Nonprofit organizations, 100 business partners within the first year is reachable bringing in residuals of $120,000 to $160,000 annually at the entry level.  

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