Swipe4aCure™ is a fundraising platform that allows businesses to redirect a portion of every non-cash transaction to a nonprofit organization that supports medical research.  There is no additional cost to the business or the customer.  This platform integrates with every type of swipe, dip, manual entry transaction across any gateway, terminal, or industry.   

Redirect Merchant Fees to your Cause

  • Turn-Key fundraising without the extra work
  • Monthly and quarterly disbursements available
  • Creates a "feel good" reaction for customers and raises awareness at every swipe
  • Creates positive social media content

Benefit to Businesses

  • Reduced Fee structure
  • Tax Write off
  • Customer Retention
  • No Additional Cost
  • PCI Compliant 
  • Gateway Integration
  • Multi-functional 

Greater Impact

  • Businesses adopt a new opportunity to give, without the extra cost
  • Gives the customer a new reason to stay loyal
  • Provides much needed funding for a cure

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