Custom Branded Fundraising Platforms for Nonprofits

Ways to Benefit

Use New Way Funding to Receive Electronic Donations

We know how Nonprofits work.  We have several gateway options to choose from that are ALL PCI compliant.  Let your donors make the choice to slightly increase their donation to cover your cost, or let us reduce your fees to the lowest rates available on the market.  


Our Swipe4aCause™ program can be adopted by any business you know, love, and have received donations from.  We will do the work to set them up and a portion of every non-cash transaction will be donated to your cause on their behalf at no additional cost to the business or their customer. 

Build Relationships

Swipe4aCause™ empowers Businesses and their customers to contribute to your cause through their every day purchases at no additional cost to the business or consumer.  Win-Win-Win 

Support your Business Community

When you receive donations from businesses through the Swipe4aCause™ program, don't be shy!  Share the news and let your Business Partners and their customers know the impact they have by sharing and being a patron yourself. 


Receiving residual donations from businesses may be a "new way to fundraise" for your organization.  Focus on where the funds will be utilized best, making every dollar go exponentially further.  


Peace of mind, knowing you have a steady stream of funding month after month can ease tension in your group.  Residual donations through Swipe4aCause™ can allow your team to take a breath of fresh air and will make fundraising fun again! 

Our entry level program - 10/$1k/$1k

The 10/$1k/$1k program is the entry level goal for fundraising through this platform.  There are minimum requirements and an organization can expect to receive a minimum of $1,000 upfront and $1,000 per month with 10 business partners.  There is no cap on potential donations nor time limit on receiving these donations as long as the business partner is in business and the nonprofit retains its nonprofit status. 



For larger or National Nonprofit organizations, 100 business partners within the first year is reachable bringing in residuals of $120,000 to $160,000 annually  

*Based on business' average monthly revenue >$75,000 and market average processing rates.  Contact us for more details. 


If you are a local nonprofit fundraiser and wish to receive funding through this program, please submit your information below to be contacted by one of our agents

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