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About Us


About NWF

New Way Funding was started as an alternative way to raise funds for nonprofit organizations. Writing grants and asking for money can often put stress on individuals and businesses in this economic market. We started this organization for one purpose - to give back. Using Merchant Services as the vehicle, we partner business with nonprofits and create branded, reoccurring, revenue streams.  


What We Do

Our goal is to collaborate emerging and established nonprofits, with businesses small and large, to raise funds and awareness. This program allows businesses in your community, across the globe, or online to use our platform at no additional cost and elect that a portion of every credit transaction be donated on behalf of the business. New Way Funding is the only fundraising program of this kind.  


How We Can Help

We are looking to partner with non-profit organizations and businesses for one purpose... giving back. Please write us below to nominate a business that you frequent or a nonprofit you want to help. Make your patronage go further using a business that makes the right choice in your community.

New Way Funding's Brands


Strengthens relationships between Rotary clubs and businesses in the communities they serve.  

Allows business to contribute to area clubs without coming out of pocket.


Focuses on organizations that support anti-racism, cultural awareness, and equality


Funds Chesapeake Bay restoration and maintenance efforts, oyster re-population, ecosystem homeostasis.

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  • Positive social media content
  • Attracts new consumer base
  • Increases customer loyalty
  • Credit Processing fee analysis 
  • Digital marketing help
  • Philanthropic goals



  • Recurring funding streams
  • Build residual donations
  • Positive social media content
  • Turn key set up
  • Builds awareness
  • Increases reach exponentially 



  • Support a business that gives back at no additional cost
  • Increase in awareness of businesses philanthropic culture
  • Builds awareness for nonprofits cause

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How it works

The Problem with Fundraising

Example Beneficiaries:

Chesapeake Bay Restoration


Maryland has the most precious waterways in the land.  ORP is committed to getting the Chesapeake bay up to par by supplementing a depleted oyster population. Check out their website to follow their impact. 

Rotary Clubs


Rotary clubs around the world work tirelessly to improve the quality of life for everyone.  The clubs are comprised of business savvy individuals that practice a "Service above Self" approach.  Visit their website to find more information about the impact they have on their local community and the world.  Their long-term mission has been to eradicate Polio.   

Submit a Business or Nonprofit here:

Enter your information below, then in the comments section, submit a business or nonprofit you would like to nominate for our program. Be sure to include their contact information.

New Way Funding

A New Way To Fundraise